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JP-H11170833-A: Control arm for automobile patent, JP-H11170897-A: Pedestal turning device of seat turning and elevating/ lowering mechanism for vehicle patent, JP-H11171553-A: Solid of colloid of platinum group and method for using same patent, JP-H11171781-A: External preparation for skin moisturizer and its production patent, JP-H11171862-A: Production of n-alkylpyridinemethanamine compounds patent, JP-H11171921-A: オレフィン系樹脂およびそれを用いた電子写真用トナー patent, JP-H11173055-A: Excavation control method for casing driver, excavation controller, and self-settling load measuring method patent, JP-H11174021-A: 炭化水素ガス検出センサ patent, JP-H11174306-A: ズームカメラ patent, JP-H11174382-A: 偏波無依存型光アイソレータの製造方法 patent, JP-H11174684-A: Pattern forming method patent, JP-H11175198-A: Network interface, device for initializing it and method for loading constituting information in network interface patent, JP-H11175751-A: Method and device for generating image patent, JP-H11175850-A: 商品登録管理装置及びこの商品登録管理装置を用いた商品登録処理システム patent, JP-H11176107-A: Recording system, broadcast receiving apparatus, recording apparatus, reproducing system, reproducing apparatus, and character information output apparatus patent, JP-H11177014-A: Electronic device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H1117714-A: Address setting method and communication system applying the same patent, JP-H11178354-A: Self-excited type switching power source patent, JP-H11178593-A: Monoclonal antibody specific to vegf 121 and measurement patent, JP-H11178960-A: Golf club head patent, JP-H11179100-A: 衣類乾燥機 patent, JP-H11179208-A: Catalyst for hydrogenation of hydrocarbon oil patent, JP-H11179676-A: Driving machine patent, JP-H11179822-A: 光制御機能を有する樹脂シート patent, JP-H11179837-A: Coated molded plate and its manufacture patent, JP-H11179868-A: Polyethylene terephthalate-based resin laminate patent, JP-H11179894-A: インクジェットプリント装置およびインクジェットプリント方法 patent, JP-H11180027-A: エンボスシート、化粧シート及び万線パターンを作成するための方法、そのための装置 patent, JP-H11181584-A: Substrate treatment apparatus patent, JP-H11181680-A: 帯電防止剤 patent, JP-H11182254-A: 内燃機関の吸気装置 patent, JP-H11182613-A: Liquid sealing type vibration control device patent, JP-H11182803-A: 排熱回収ボイラ patent, JP-H1118293-A: バッテリ充電装置 patent, JP-H1118420-A: スイッチング電源装置 patent, JP-H11184269-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H11184338-A: クリーニングブレード、プロセスカートリッジ及び電子写真装置 patent, JP-H11186520-A: 半導体装置の製造方法 patent, JP-H11186601-A: 化合物半導体発光素子 patent, JP-H11186953-A: Frequency monitor method for mobile communication system patent, JP-H11187464-A: Private public phs channel connection control method and private radio base station control system patent, JP-H11188861-A: 情報処理装置および記録装置並びに記録方法 patent, JP-H11189155-A: 軌道走行作業車の制動装置 patent, JP-H11189327-A: ベルトコンベヤの落口シュート patent, JP-H11189801-A: Nickel super fine powder patent, JP-H11190086-A: 間仕切りパネル用支柱 patent, JP-H11190235-A: Control device for internal combustion engine equipped with variable valve mechanism patent, JP-H11190290-A: 自吸式ポンプ及びそれに使用する自吸タンク patent, JP-H11190330-A: スラスト軸受 patent, JP-H11190423-A: 車両の安全装置 patent, JP-H11190827-A: Spectacle frame fitted with decoration body and its fitting method patent, JP-H11191200-A: Airport runway stopper system patent, JP-H11191603-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit and its manufacture patent, JP-H11192069-A: 機能性食品 patent, JP-H11194593-A: 現像装置 patent, JP-H11194920-A: Interface device, control method and printer patent, JP-H11195296-A: 半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-H11196227-A: Original reader and information processing unit patent, JP-H11196228-A: 画像読み取り装置および画像形成装置 patent, JP-H1119659-A: 薬注装置 patent, JP-H11197268-A: 走行シミュレーション装置 patent, JP-H11197337-A: 遊技機用制御装置 patent, JP-H11198016-A: ワーク切削液、ワーク切削剤およびワークの切断方法 patent, JP-H11199395-A: 炭化珪素単結晶の製造方法 patent, JP-H11200157-A: 難燃性に優れた弾性複合フィラメント patent, JP-H11201072-A: Screw pump and its screw patent, JP-H11201207-A: Coil spring patent, JP-H11201233-A: 自動バランス調整機構 patent, JP-H11201958-A: 液体クロマトグラフィー用カラムの製造方法 patent, JP-H11202032-A: Method and apparatus for inspecting board patent, JP-H11202164-A: 光源モジュール patent, JP-H11202260-A: Optical isolator patent, JP-H112030-A: Carbon fiber-reinforced construction method patent, JP-H11203290-A: クラスタリング処理方法およびクラスタリング処理システム patent, JP-H11203606-A: 音声記録装置および方法 patent, JP-H11203987-A: セフティスイッチ patent, JP-H11204199-A: 有線式手持ち型電子機器のケーブル接続構造 patent, JP-H11204363-A: コンデンサのコネクタ装置 patent, JP-H11204894-A: Excimer laser oscillation equipment, reduction projection aligner using the same, and pattern forming method using the aligner patent, JP-H11205990-A: 電力ケーブル用差込形接続部 patent, JP-H11206045-A: 回転電機 patent, JP-H11206938-A: パター型ゴルフクラブ patent, JP-H11207212-A: Solid matter scraper of centrifugal separator patent, JP-H11207520-A: 走行丸鋸盤 patent, JP-H11207584-A: Work periphery grinding method and device patent, JP-H11207772-A: 自動車用射出成形品の製造方法 patent, JP-H11207855-A: Transparent gas barrier laminate film patent, JP-H11208222-A: 空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-H11208288-A: パワープラントの支持装置 patent, JP-H11208348-A: Foot rest support structure in vehicle patent, JP-H11208817-A: Load transferring device and stacker crane patent, JP-H1120910-A: パツケージ貯留装置及びこの装置に用いる移載装置 patent, JP-H11211157-A: 屋上室外機立上り基礎 patent, JP-H11211344-A: 乾燥装置 patent, JP-H11211791-A: Lsi tester patent, JP-H11212830-A: プロセッサ性能測定装置 patent, JP-H11212913-A: Inter-object communication system for client and server environment, service agent, service manager, client interface and server interface patent, JP-H11213077-A: 受発注業務支援方法およびシステム patent, JP-H11214321-A: Method for modifying diamond material and semiconductor device using diamond material modified by the method patent, JP-H11214527-A: Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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