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JP-H1125325-A: Method for controlling group reflux patent, JP-H1125370-A: 定置物品監視装置 patent, JP-H11253886-A: Fine sphere pneumatic sorting method, conductive fine particle, anisotropic conductive adhesive and consecutively connected structure patent, JP-H11254183-A: サブマージアーク溶接用ボンドフラックス及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H11254425-A: Method for building additive composition for soil cement and consolidated material for soil cement patent, JP-H11254493-A: ディスク成形装置のゲートカット装置及びゲートカット方法 patent, JP-H11255722-A: Bicyclic(3.1.0)hexane and related compound patent, JP-H1125580-A: ディスク装置 patent, JP-H11255917-A: Polyester film for laminating on metal plate and fabricating the laminate patent, JP-H11256363-A: 金属部材の表面処理方法および金属部材 patent, JP-H11256394-A: 陽極処理したアルミニウムまたはアルミニウム合金の着色物品の製造方法およびそれにより製造された着色物品 patent, JP-H11256471-A: Production of durable bulky yarn patent, JP-H11256505-A: 床 材 patent, JP-H11256951-A: ドア開閉用・スリッパ脱台転位装置 patent, JP-H11257765-A: Refrigerating machine patent, JP-H11257901-A: 目盛担体を機械的に調整する方法と装置 patent, JP-H11258001-A: Optical element and displacement information detecting device using the element patent, JP-H1125969-A: Nickel electrode for alkaline storage battery and its manufacture patent, JP-H11259755-A: 自動販売機の商品搬送装置 patent, JP-H11259767-A: Cash processing multisystem, cash processing device, management device of cash processing device, and method for setting cash processing multisystem patent, JP-H11260222-A: Circuit breaker patent, JP-H11261282-A: Radio wave absorbing wall for wide bandwidth building material patent, JP-H11261669-A: Higher-rank circuit retrieval device and method for circuit monitoring therefor patent, JP-H11261742-A: 画像読取装置 patent, JP-H1126253-A: Electric apparatus coil and lead wire patent, JP-H11262742-A: Method and apparatus for waste treatment patent, JP-H11263018-A: Ink jet recording apparatus patent, JP-H11263292-A: 遭難救助支援システム patent, JP-H11263485-A: 給紙装置 patent, JP-H11263678-A: Porous concrete molding patent, JP-H11264007-A: Apparatus for pretreating molten iron before converter refining and cooling method thereof patent, JP-H1126490-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H11266148-A: 電圧検出回路 patent, JP-H11266427-A: メモリの制御方法および装置 patent, JP-H11266473-A: 移動端末装置 patent, JP-H11266558-A: Terminal block for motor patent, US-5749421-A: Pneumatic impact breaker patent, JP-H11266573-A: 2相リラクタンスモータ patent, JP-H11268365-A: Transfer material cassette and transfer unit patent, JP-H11268852-A: アンリール機における残紙のテール部分の飛散防止方法とその装置 patent, JP-H11269021-A: 虫避け・脱臭剤 patent, JP-H1127023-A: 車両用アンテナ装置 patent, JP-H11270596-A: One-way clutch patent, JP-H11271191-A: Method for observing crystal orientation and visualizer of crystal orientation patent, JP-H11271293-A: Filler for cathion-exchange chromatography and measuring method using this patent, JP-H11272402-A: Cursor display device and cursor display control method patent, JP-H11272415-A: デジタイザ patent, JP-H11272547-A: Memory management method and information processor patent, JP-H11272647-A: Disaster experience simulation device patent, JP-H11272722-A: Oscillation spectrum calculation device and storage medium patent, JP-H11272771-A: 商談管理システムおよび記憶媒体 patent, JP-H11273408-A: 補助ランプユニット patent, JP-H1127343-A: 通信装置 patent, JP-H11273608-A: 走査電子顕微鏡 patent, JP-H11275327-A: Facsimile machine patent, JP-H11275791-A: Rotating machine, its manufacture, and device used for the manufacturing patent, JP-H11275878-A: 振動アクチュエータ駆動装置及びレンズ鏡筒 patent, JP-H11276191-A: Production of sphingoglycolipid patent, JP-H11276505-A: 義歯アタッチメント patent, JP-H11276584-A: Syringe without needle patent, JP-H11276614-A: 消火器 patent, JP-H11276632-A: 消火遮蔽物の回避消火装置 patent, JP-H11277284-A: レーザ加工機における外部ベンドミラーの保護方法およびその装置 patent, JP-H112776-A: Deflection scanner patent, JP-H11277839-A: Printer patent, JP-H1127869-A: Portable electronic apparatus patent, JP-H11278875-A: Surface treatment of glass patent, JP-H11279256-A: Optical material and optical product obtained by using polyisocyanate compound patent, JP-H11279285-A: Production of thermoplastic elastomer patent, JP-H11279614-A: クロム含有溶鋼の精錬方法 patent, JP-H1127972-A: Controller for motor with electromagnetic brake patent, JP-H11279973-A: Headbox of papermaking machine and production of edge orifice inlet in the same headbox patent, JP-H11280604-A: 内燃機関の燃料噴射機構における燃料供給のための高圧ポンプ patent, JP-H11281909-A: 光走査装置 patent, JP-H11281988-A: 液晶表示素子の製造方法 patent, JP-H11282333-A: 上半身機能低下体験装置 patent, JP-H11282388-A: 誘導灯装置 patent, JP-H11282511-A: Interlock setting system patent, JP-H11282731-A: Method and device for linking database patent, JP-H11283629-A: 有機電解質電池 patent, JP-H11283781-A: Lighting device for high voltage discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp lighting devices, lighting system, and vehicle patent, JP-H11283861-A: Dielectric film for capacitor and capacitor patent, JP-H1128458-A: 水処理方法およびその装置 patent, JP-H11285198-A: 回転型アクチュエータ装置 patent, JP-H11286415-A: ヘアコンディショニング組成物 patent, JP-H11286603-A: 水膨潤性複合樹脂、成形体、および消臭・芳香材 patent, JP-H1128700-A: Cutting device for polyethylene terepthalate bottle patent, JP-H11287526-A: Stirling refrigerator patent, JP-H11287541-A: Ice heat-storing device and method for controlling its operation patent, JP-H11288158-A: Developing device patent, JP-H11288434-A: Order data processing system patent, JP-H11289399-A: 通信装置 patent, JP-H11289504-A: Television receiver patent, JP-H11289814-A: 砕土作業機 patent, JP-H11291345-A: 表面に微細な突起を有する構造体の製造方法 patent, JP-H11291489-A: インクジェットヘッド patent, JP-H11291908-A: Communication device for train control patent, JP-H1129210-A: 結束束搬送用のローラコンベア patent, JP-H11292344-A: Automatic document feeder patent, JP-H11292590-A: 急結性材料、吹付コンクリート、及び吹付工法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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