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JP-S516168-A: Haigasuno sainetsusochi patent, JP-S5161910-A: Riniamootasharyono kidenkubunsokoichikenshutsuhoshiki patent, JP-S5162499-A: Senkosochiojogeryomennimokete kaidohantenshitesagyoonasubekunashitamotsukoyokakunomimotsukoki patent, JP-S5162521-A: Jitaideshijisurudoomujokotsukakuoseizosuruhoho oyobi sochi patent, JP-S5162646-A: Kahenisohatsushinki patent, JP-S5163232-A: Fumochitai niokeru nokochi patent, JP-S5163310-A: Tainetsutaimamoseichuzogokinzairyo patent, JP-S5164593-A: Goseigomuratetsukusuno seiho patent, JP-S5164638-A: patent, JP-S5167265-A: Chitsusosankabutsuno jokyohoho patent, JP-S5167512-A: Bunyosochi patent, JP-S5167784-A: Sodairyudatsuenkosono seizohoho patent, JP-S5168835-A: Kododenseikankozairyoyozokanzai patent, JP-S5169075-A: Kuchibashitanbusetsudansochi patent, JP-S5169164-A: Kairokoseiho patent, JP-S5169743-A: Mekanikarushiiru patent, JP-S5169928-A: Kyotaiikidensorinkuotsujite hyojun no terebigamenodensosurusochi patent, JP-S5170362-A: Musureekyatsupushikishotsuki no osanohiukeyo no hojibu patent, JP-S5171590-A: Obinokobano kensakuhohoto sonohohoojitsushisuru kikai patent, JP-S5171942-A: patent, JP-S5172843-A: Uootaahanmaaryonosuiryokuhatsudensochi patent, JP-S5173538-A: Fukugorooruno setsuchakusochi patent, JP-S5173954-A: patent, JP-S5174668-A: patent, JP-S517491-A: Densensetsuzokubunozetsuenkabaa patent, JP-S5175106-A: Goseiparupushinosetsuchakuhoho patent, JP-S5175297-A: Tategataobinokoban patent, JP-S5175971-A: Handazukehoho patent, JP-S5177707-A: Rootariipisutonkikan patent, JP-S5179736-A: Koryotanjitainoseizohoho patent, JP-S5179838-A: Enshinshikishinkakusochiosonaetahaidenki patent, JP-S5180048-A: Netsudentatsusochi patent, JP-S5180518-A: Torakutaanyorujosozainosanpuhoho patent, JP-S5181400-A: Juinzaihimono tokasochi patent, JP-S5182342-A: Nannenseijushisoseibutsu patent, JP-S5182788-A: l * * * shusekisanno seizoho patent, JP-S518291-A: 22 chioadenoshinno seizohoho patent, JP-S518362-A: Kankoseihoriamidokeijushisoseibutsu patent, JP-S5184138-A: Denkidanbosochi patent, JP-S5184274-A: Jikihetsudeingukijunsochi patent, JP-S5186235-A: Kenchikuyobannorenketsushiageho patent, JP-S5187234-A: Bebiikaanoseidojidoseigyohohooyobisonosochi patent, JP-S5188837-A: patent, JP-S5190396-A: Koshitsuhoriuretanfuoomuyo horieeterunoseizoho patent, JP-S519056-A: Denkainyoru funmatsuseizohoho patent, JP-S5192146-A: patent, JP-S5193079-A: Suirikuryoyoshano suijokosohoho patent, JP-S5193947-A: Enkabinirujushoanteizai patent, JP-S5193953-A: Netsusetsuchakuseihoriesuterufuirumu patent, JP-S5194248-A: patent, JP-S5194507-A: patent, JP-S5194769-A: patent, JP-S5195157-A: Hamu mataha sooseeji no keeshingu patent, JP-S5195723-A: Terebijuzokino agc kairo patent, JP-S5195982-A: Funtaino zoryuhoho oyobi sochi patent, JP-S5196230-A: patent, JP-S5197641-A: patent, JP-S519896-A: Sokuteifunojotaijidohanbetsusokuteisochi patent, JP-S5199683-A: Kanshikimakubunrisochiniokeru sukeerusekishutsuboshihoho patent, JP-S52101791-A: Method and device of and for controlling thread cutting patent, JP-S52101957-A: Reference signal generator patent, JP-S52102464-A: Method of producing seasoned boiled egg patent, JP-S52102803-A: Electroslag furnace patent, JP-S52105138-A: Novellphenyll22aminoethanol derivatives patent, JP-S52106078-A: Fluid system for working vehicle provided with fluid connecting means patent, JP-S52107371-A: Extrusion molding and apparatus for synthetic resin netting with different colored surface and back patent, JP-S52107594-A: Method of forming snake by cable on fence patent, JP-S52108097-A: Process and apparatus for condensing lupulin of hop patent, JP-S52108194-A: Multiple input temperature measuring instrument patent, JP-S52110223-A: Hollow sphere and its production method patent, JP-S52110973-A: Method of producing fabric patent, JP-S52111857-A: Method of utilizing low pressure gas mixed acetyilene and methane for welding or cutting patent, JP-S52112328-A: Cleaning means for wet type electrophotographic copying machine patent, JP-S52114971-A: Device for mounting lead electronic parts to printed circuit substrate patent, JP-S5211594-A: Ship of which bow is protected by a curtain formed by high-pressure ai r and horizontal high-speed water patent, JP-S52116761-A: System for controlling thickness of rolled plate patent, JP-S52116999-A: Process for irradiating laser beam patent, JP-S52117056-A: Sample rotating unit patent, JP-S52117135-A: Electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S52117198-A: Parking meter patent, JP-S52117297-A: Process for evacuation of smoke and desulfurization patent, JP-S52119925-A: Ee test machine patent, JP-S52120197-A: Preparation of low salt soy patent, JP-S52120394-A: Interphase spacer for aerial transmission line patent, JP-S52121416-A: Process of production of collating cards with impulse sealing patent, JP-S521227-A: Piston correction device patent, JP-S5212303-A: Method of removing natrium chloride from pulp manufacturing process patent, JP-S52123782-A: Automatic sealing tape changer patent, JP-S52123800-A: Magnet lock for oppositely sliding doors patent, JP-S52124409-A: Steel plate for hard metal case superior in flanging workability patent, JP-S5212441-A: Input variation detector patent, JP-S52124916-A: Separator for unarranged yarn patent, JP-S52124933-A: Device for changing tube in spinning machine patent, JP-S52126811-A: Track tamping machine with at least one vertically movable tamping apparatus patent, JP-S52127042-A: Data transfer system patent, JP-S52128100-A: Driver circuit patent, JP-S52128305-A: Preparation of azobis higher alkanes patent, JP-S52129492-A: Eddy flow dtector for high temperature patent, JP-S5213005-A: Reciprocating internal combustion engine patent, JP-S52131178-A: Electric switch with sound generator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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